changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

a weekend in the key of green.

ever since i saw the spring green sheets with 80's-styled miniature white polka dots holding their arms out to me from the metal shelves at target, i have had an overwhelming yearning to wrap myself in that lovely hue. i announced to brian one day that all we needed to live out the rest of our lives in pure happiness was to win the lottery and to surround ourselves with spring green.

and then spring itself broke into green. it was precluded by trees overflowing with white flowers smelling of semen and dead crickets and caterpillars. it coincided with my emergence from the condo cocoon into near daily walks through the eruption of such beauty. brilliant blue skies. cool, rustling wind. warming rays through the air.

the film for the brownie arrived and i made sure the first photo taken with it was of these flowers and this sky and those trees all laying against one another in tingling and lazy pollen-infested intoxication.

this weekend was oh so busy. it felt good.

after i drank my central market blood orange italian soda with rum, we traveled south to oak cliff where robin's house was built long ago. it was her party celebrating the day after her birth and the end of much school work. gretchen was there with her ever-growing baby lust. once her chili dog was gone, she was ready for baby. i felt terrible when i realized the reason oliver had started screeching when she took him into her arms was because his tender cheek had grazed the calciferous protrusions of her rat skull pendant. without thinking, i started to announce it wasn't gretchen herself that caused the screaming until my mind processed it probably wouldn't make her feel much better knowing it was her accessory. but then dave found out and likely ran back in and told her. unless he was too drunk to remember.

we left early to go to round one of puppy sitting at the hankelyn animal farm. the baby was overly tired and had launched into shrieking mode which i think i've only heard once since he was 3 months old. it was awful.

the puppy sitting was a blessing in disguise which chided me out of bed early the next morning and goosed me along until i was showered and preened and out the door by 9am. oliver (the cat) foiled my rhythm of dog pills and dog food and cat water and potty time when he strolled through the screen door and into the garage festooned with kitty hiding places. but i smoked him back out easily enough.

i rushed back home to feed and nap oliver (the baby) and after i drank my central market blood orange italian soda with rum, we packed up the stroller and strolled the half mile to greenville avenue for the st patrick's day parade. it was packed and noisy and obnoxious. it was loaded with drinkers and smokers and drunks. there was a kind enough man standing next to us who doted on oliver and reached over a set of fingers blackened with cigarette tar to tweak a chubby, little thigh.

after sensing the flame from oliver's match might soon be singing his thumb, i suggested we start walking north against the flow of the parade until we met the bicyclists which included dave. we found him in short order with his fluffy new beard and motorized antique bike. we snapped some more photos and headed back for home. as we hoofed it eastbound on east university boulevard, it was there under the canopy of flowering trees that oliver began flapping his right arm up and down in what seemed to be a wave. he continued this periodically and we cheered and cheered and clapped and flapped.

oliver hit the sheets and we hit the take out from mai's.

there was just enough time to make it downtown to the library to check out more tv baby stories and get overcharged because the library's internet check out system is obviously fucked. the weather was gorgeous so we walked down the block and then through pioneer cemetery to pioneer park. if you've never seen pioneer park (and you probably haven't because even people in dallas don't know about pioneer park), it's rather grand. it's a small parcel of land with an overlook and a small artificial stream populated with three larger-than-life bronzed cowboys on horseback and a couple dozen larger-than-life bronzed steers. we didn't have the digital with us, so those photos will have to wait for old school processing.

i coaxed brian into driving by the lakewood park where i had taken oliver the afternoon before for swinging in the bucket swings and sliding down the curly slide. that park showed me just how far playground equipment has come. it's completely brilliant. we drove by 7-11 for slurpees.

once back home again, i spiked my slurpee and looked longingly out the window at our daylight savings daylight and yearned to not waste it. so we took out the sling for its first trip outdoors. brian rode his new dahon folding back in circles around us as we walked up to borders books. there was no more daylight saved by the time we arrived back home. and then brian knew pleasure.

i was goaded out of bed again sunday morning for my last round at the puppy farm and returned home for a couple of hours of tax preparation. we went to my accountant's home (also known as darren's home) and watched him wage war on our behalf with the IRS for a couple of hours. we snooped high and low to see how his belongings were getting along with paul's belongings since they combined quarters last fall.

target was as fancy as we would get that evening as the weekend began lumbering its way into a dreary monday. i noticed monday evening that i could no longer remember the last time i had not left the condo at some point during the day. then we went on a walk. we chose a residential route that depressed me again with its quiet houses and quiet roads and low lights like a secretly populated ghost town.

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