changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

insurance fun.

because of my super special status as an off location employee and humana's requirement that i gain an exception for each and every one of my medical providers as a result, i also have to request that each and every claim is reprocessed because they don't bother to make any kind of noticeable notation to my record showing that my providers are, in fact, considered in-network.

so my reprocessed claim for my appointment with a GP in january is very cryptic with the majority of its sparse information concealed behind industry catch phrases like "UNAVAILABLE".

so i sent them an email asking them how they would explain the enigmatic world of the deductible to a dullard like myself. why were some things covered while others weren't? i couldn't find the rhyme nor the reason as to why some claim items were covered and others weren't and why the doctor's office had sent me an invoice requesting $237.

they responded telling me the resubmission of my first claim yielded a request of only the $30 copay on my part. having dealt endlessly with humana and their pendular fashions regarding how nice they are and aren't to me, i find it difficult to swallow such grand news.

then i noticed that the claim for the appointment with the cardiologist had been submitted. with four line items and a grand total teetering around the $2200 range, if i didn't have a heart condition before, I CERTAINLY HAVE ONE NOW.

i cross my fingers for more unabashedly good luck from the indiscriminate humana gods.
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