changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

looking for love at the park and a story about apples.

a couple of hours ago, the baby finally decided maybe applesauce isn't too bad. i've been feeding him miniscule amounts guerrilla style lately, but he's usually pretty good about puckering up tight before the spoon can get past his lips. this afternoon, he took five willing bites of applesauce. and he barely even made a face.

then we returned to reverchon park where he went for his first ride in the bucket swing. it went more smoothly than i thought (i wasn't sure if it would be too jerky for his head) and he smiled and giggled and squealed and then grew very introspective as he studied the wood shavings on the ground. we toodled around the rest of the new playground under the fancy, green tarp and then slid down the twirly slide together.

the vibe was a little different than when we were there last sunday. we watched what brian claims are single gay men in there cars looking for hook ups. when we returned, they had been replaced by locals looking to score in a different way.

we had erroneously thought there was an entrance to katy trail there. but, as we would learn the hard way two miles later, the only official entrance seems to be at knox-henderson. every other entrance has been forged up rocky hills by frustrated joggers and bikers and walkers and skaters. so after many blocks pushing the stroller along precarious paths next to traffic, we found a rocky path across the street from tejas de brazil and prayed for safety as we pushed the stroller up it. little did we know just how long a walk we were trapped in. and the baby wanted to be picked up about 2/3 in. we finally made it to On the Border where we sat on the chilly patio and had chips, salsa, and beer. then we high tailed it back the way we came, carrying the baby the entire way. it took so freakin' long, we had to go straight to cosmic cafe for our dinner date with dave.

i've taken 9 walks in 12 days.
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