changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

circus + birthday.

i didn't even know that cirque du soleil was in town until i received their farewell email this afternoon. now we have tickets with a 50% discount for the saturday matinee. and the baby just might be coming with us oh god.

speaking of babies, mine just turned 9 months old today. what happened?

this afternoon, we took our sixth walk in the last nine days. it was nice out, but i did end up with dewy breast. we took my new vintage coat to the cleaners to see if they had the missing button. the buttons are the best part of the coat. the baby waggled the wrist rattle i found in the floorboards of the car the whole way. then, since i could practically see central market, we walked for what ended up feeling like ages to go there. and get soy coffee gelato. and eat it while sitting on a bar stool looking outside and waiting for sweat to dry.

carrying a 20 pound baby strapped to your chest really takes walks up a notch.
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