changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

old ladies and my sister's birthday. one in the same!

oliver and i just returned from a short drive followed by a short walk to return the heart monitor followed by a short walk for coffee followed by a longer drive home. as we entered the foyer of our building, ann was scrambling to get in the door made of bars so she could get in the door made of door into her condo. she acted as if she was being confronted by satan and spawn. even when trapped momentarily with her in a five foot by five foot room, she still acts as if she doesn't know you're there.

i ask you this: what kind of old lady doesn't go cuckoo for babies? what kind?!?

here's a baby now. it's his first time pulling up. and his first time falling down. what kind of old lady doesn't want some of that?

while i'm at it, we went to tyler saturday before last to celebrate my sister's 38th. we went with my parents to the tyler museum of art to see the whistler exhibit (the baby was none too impressed) and then we went to see ex-next door neighbor patton to show off the baby and brian totally didn't see how her kitchen still has it's awesome original 1970's wallpaper including wallpaper on the ceiling. and then we ate too many cabbage rolls and too much angel food cake. on the following sunday, we spent some time on the playground that is my friend christie's backyard. the baby slid on the slide and swung in the swing and frizzed his hair with static electricity and wagoned in the wagon and then daddy held him up and said: "here. you should take a picture of me holding him up to the sun and that tree with all the buds." and i said: "okay. click." then they said: "come and drift in the springtime sun soon aboard our new pontoon boat and stay up above in our newly created guest bedroom. and then we went away wishing for backyards and monied things.

brian went to helen's last saturday to see if the smell of gas fumes was coming from her kitchen and she told him she's selling her condo. i'm sad for helen. especially if she has to go live with one of those screaming children of hers. maybe we'll get some youngsters in next door who will party like the devil just feet from ann's head and she'll cower fearing some more of the sin of others will rub off on her so close to the finish line and she'll install bars on her ceiling and they'll be the kind of bars that don't serve drinks.
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