changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

ps: texas snow.

as excited as i get over frozen precipitation, i don't know how i forgot to mention today's weather. after logging in to work, i saw that the weather was calling for sleet and snow flurries. how did i not know that?!

lo and behold, i looked out on the balcony to see a wintry wonderland of sleet dropping from the sky (and then melting on the ground... but not on the balcony). i screeched and squealed and danced until the baby started kicking his legs into daddy's groin. then i informed brian he had to work from home. so brian left for work and the sleet turned back off.

then, i heard more racket outside just now in the courtyard so i pulled the curtain aside and hot damn! sleet was dropping down in little sleet-glued clusters. i thought it was snowing heavy snow! but it was big, clustered up sleet!

i live in texas.

lobster baby

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