changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

a different kind of brownie. if you know what i mean.

around the time baby was burgeoning in my belly and new home fires were being constructed, metro retro began going out of business. that's when we picked up our little mid-century desk for a fair song.

now, metro retro is curiosities.

brian and i walked up the gangplank of our maiden voyage to curiosities last saturday. at some point in the 30 minutes that ensued, i decided that i needed a kodak brownie (because there was a slew of vintage/antique cameras strewn before me).

i've toodled about on ebay for a bit and just found a bakelite version of one that was currently going for $0.95 with one bid. i felt sorry for the little camera and its seller and decided to pad the bidding. but only to $3.00.

i might soon be the accidental owner of a kodak brownie of dubious mechanical status. stay tuned for "artistic" family photos...
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