changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

gimme an 'H'.

i'm going on aural evidence only, but it would seem that helen has begun a new trend when it comes time to take wishbone for his walks. perhaps she's succumbed to a new level of feebleness because she appears to be throwing her cane down the stairs and then collecting it at the bottom. sometimes, she throws it twice. the first time i heard it, i thought, 'oh shit. helen's done fallen down the stairs. now i'll have to go get dressed so i can meet the ambulance driver.' now i worry that she'll be throwing her cane overboard one day as we're coming in downstairs. i don't want a storm of canes to rain down on my baby. i don't.

helen also decorated for xmas. a string of large, red bulbs was strung around the wrought iron on her half of the balcony and plugged into a string of small, white bulbs which was then strung around the wrought iron on our half of the balcony. some of the red bulbs were smashed either upon installation or by the nefarious junior thugs. i heard an argument between helen and her chile-living son regarding the fact that there are some things she wanted him to do that he couldn't do and they were of an electrical nature. i gather they were discussing the lights as they never found their way to shining with their holy light. i noticed last weekend that the red lights have been taken down. the white remain. i think helen forgot they are hers.

helen speaks spanish.
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