changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

i just got back from seeing brian's doctor (and now my doctor, i suppose). it was a bit of a challenge having a 7 month old along. and i forgot to wear deodorant. normally, i don't wear deodorant. and after a couple of years of sitting at home and stewing in my own juices, i've noticed i rarely smell foul. i think the deodorant actually made me smell worse at times. well, not so today.

i suppose holding the wriggly baby while wearing a sweater and getting nervous didn't help. and then they stuck me. great time to stink. so i kept my arms by my sides as much as possible while being hooked up to the heart measuring contraption.

i read to the doctor from a great list of potentially harmful ailments. i finally had a medical professional suggest i get a dermatologist to track my mole progression. not that i ever go to see medical professionals so i can ask. one put on his i-don't-want-to-be-sued-for-malpractice hat and blanketed everything with "you can't know for sure without a biopsy". the other said they looked like they were okay. i think the public in general has been made terribly confused with the PSA campaigns educating us about the moley warning signs while the doctors look at all our moles displaying warning signs and call it kosher.

she didn't like the looks of one. she said the raised white bump i first noticed at the age of 10 after a trip to the lake was unlikely malignant as it would have killed me by now. "let's hear it for waiting it out! ha! hahaha! ha."

ridges in my nails could be a sign of malnutrition, but what can you do.

the soreness in my cheek bones and behind my ears might be TMJ.

my achy joints are more likely from baby-wrangling than from osteo-arthritis.

so now we wait to find out why i felt like i was dying of a heart attack coma two weeks ago to the point that brian stayed home with me the second half of the day on both that wednesday and friday.

of course, i might just be a rather convincing hypochondriac.
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