changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

children's programming.

so in an attempt to not watch baby einstein, i turned on pbs. oliver was entranced my grover. he could care less about the two minutes of barney (thank god... i didn't even know that show was still being made). now teletubbies is on.

i saw part of one episode years ago and it freaked me out. i've seen part of one now and it's freaking me out. i have that distinct baby-einsteinish feeling that i should be dropping acid. or that, perhaps, i already have. and then there was that segment on brown they just showed twice in a row with the weird, minimalist, synth music.

i know that the gay purple one has caused quite a stir. how come they haven't flipped out over this one?:

it's obviously the lesbian of the group.

and this one doesn't exactly look innocent:

well, hell. they all toodle around with their hips thrusting forward anyway.

fuckin' creepy.
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