changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

it is cold in texas,

before xmas, there was the Arctic Blast.

over the weekend and into monday, there was the Icy Blast.

today, i got out of bed an hour early and prepared to properly greet the day with make up and deodorant and everything; but, as i went to put on a pair of non-pajama pants, i realized our day had been greeted by Bitter Blast. this means there is sleet on the ground.

in the last week, there have been descriptives like "BITTERLY COLD" to describe our almost freezing temperatures.

i tried to cancel my appointment with brian's doctor Up North, but they had already shut down the office. thanks for the phone call, doctor. and i was even having some of those heart twinges today so that i wouldn't feel completely silly going in without any heart twinges or fluffy heads to speak of. perhaps brian will be trapped by the Bitter Blast and will stay home with me for the third time in a week. you know, so i won't die while i'm breastfeeding.

taco bell has started selling something called a Baja Blast. i know this because the "kids" in the SUV in front of us a couple of weeks ago ordered one while the passenger got out to bust some rad skateboard moves in the drive-thru lane. i wonder if the SUV belonged to the parents or the kids. this is dallas, so i would put my money on the kids.
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