changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

more milestones and volver.

over the xmas holidays, oliver mastered the pincer grasp. he's a big fan of touching things with his index fingers now instead of his entire hand.

oliver and i went to the angelika this afternoon to see volver. there were 20 people there without babies and two with. there was no changing table. oliver invented a new game called "bite mommy's nipple and giggle when she taps my chin and says 'no' and then do it again." i don't particularly like it and yet i found it hard, at times, not to laugh. even though i was worried i just might wind up with a dangling nipple.

i just had oliver on the changing table playing a game of mr wiggles (the one where he tenses up his limbs and hyperventilates like he's having a seizure) and noticed tooth number three has come through (the right side front tooth). god help my nipples.

oliver and i went to world market to buy a million contessa and grandessa cookies at 75% off. it was his first time in the buggy seat. the older man in charge of wine held him.

oliver received the baby galileo dvd from his aunt lisa. my attention is always called forth when the child's voice emerges from the keyboarded music to announce "your anus."
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