changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

ugly sweater party.

lucinda's first ugly sweater party came last spring when i was swollen of belly and tired. it was her bday party. we had spent the horribly dreary day trying to find a dress for baby shower #2 that didn't make me look like a parade float. as a result, we were spent by the time early evening had rolled around. so instead of partying, we snuggled into bed around 6:30 with take out and a movie.

this time, ugly sweater party aligned with her annual xmas party (last saturday). the previous saturday, i had located my ugly sweater at ahab bowen vintage just after we had hobbled up the block from baby's first bar experience at the gingerman. mmm... franziskaner hefeweisen , pretzels, a kazoo, and a sunshiny chill.

as expected, we only lasted an hour at the party before lord oliver deemed it ended. at least grandma's ziplock bag of funky jewelry got a good going through.

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