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it's raining


as i was sitting here working on the computer, i hear a torrential downpour. coming from my bathroom. ceiling. i mean it is pouring down.

of course i run in there barefoot. no shoes+wet cement=me flat on my back. i pull some stuff out of the way then take off running/sliding to the closet to throw on some different clothes. as i push open the closet door, i notice a red splotch on it. oh wait, that's blood from where i just sliced open my hand (on what, i have no idea).

i run upstairs (it's weird upstairs, btw. i've never been up there.) and knock on the door. a naked man calls out to me and i try to explain through the door. naked man clothes himself and answers. he looks a bit disconcerted as he gazes into his bathroom and tells me it should stop after the current downpour.

with no time for questions, i zip back downstairs. still pouring. finally stops. i just mopped at least a gallon of cat-litter-sprinkled water with a very non-absorbent mop. i still have not heard back from my emergency page. of course now i'm online, but whatever.

i find it curious that on the after-hours message, the option for an emergency is the last one.

i have a bad feeling i'm going to wake up hurting in strange places. my back is already starting to feel a little weird. fuckers.

oh god...i hear water running through pipes. please stay in the pipes!
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