changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

11/4: the arboretum.

on that saturday, we finally managed to cash in the second part of our two part ticket... the first part being the state fair. we felt hurried to get to the arboretum before the weather turned permanently inclement. even so, on that day, it was a bit inclement. cloudy skies, chilly air. and, of course, we've had many sunshiny fantastic weekend days in the meantime.

but it was still a nice outing. though there were scores of cars in the parking lot, we were hard-pressed to find all the people who had arrived in them. we didn't make it far when brian began feeling the pangs of hunger. so we retreated to the garden cafe and let him get a sandwich before trying again. being the weekend after halloween, the pumpkins were still out in full force. but the main "exhibit" spread around the many-acred grounds carried the theme of treehouses.

we hadn't even made it to the frog fountain before i looked at oliver in his carrier with daddy and noticed his midsection had disappeared and it had taken his consciousness with it. he was so far gone, in fact, that he didn't even notice us unloading him into his stroller. down for the count was he.

so brian and i played in the treehouses anyway and wound our way around the gardens wondering when we would be trapped in a downpour. we finally felt a couple of drops and scurried into one of the fanciest treehouses. but then it turned out that that particular treehouse had it's own misting system which doused us more than had we stayed out in the spitting rain.

even with the terrible and chilly weather, there was no escaping the attack of the brides. they were everywhere. you couldn't take 10 steps without looking up and realizing you were in the background of someone's bridal photo. we even wound up on the patio of what was soon to be a reception dinner. NO ESCAPE!

and then we did escape. to dinner at mai's. with a fussy baby. so that it was yet another eat-as-fast-as-you-can dinner while we took turns jiggling the baby.

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