changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

ford woes. and poo.

o's changed his poo schedule from 2-3 times per day to once every 2 or 3 days. which may sound dreamy, but then little things inevitably happen like my luck and his bowels combining forces and choosing to wait 3.5 days and then carefully select the two hour frame during which we were at the angelika viewing running with scissors to begin the unloading process. i bet that smelled lusciously for the people in the seats nearest the changing table. that's what they get for choosing the seats nearest the changing table. they should kiss my tits for having a baby with breastfed poo.

anyhow, he was gracious enough to mete it out instead of sending the full deluge. that came at 4am. but at least he was gracious enough to do it in his diaper and wake me so it didn't ooze on to the bed or do it while he was sitting on my belly like he did a couple of weekends ago.

he was unbelievably good at the movie and was even awake for most of it. of course, his constant chattering which increased more and more probably would not have been appreciated at a non-cry baby matinee. i might find it fantastic, but i have a feeling many would not.

like Goody Ann. that's probably one of the reasons she apparently hates us. we fancy she's also cracked the code that we are not married and instead, are living in sin raising our bastard child within shouting distance of her quarters. she found another moment in the parking lot last week to say hello to brian via an aggressively dirty look. dirty because she's been complaining to the HOA that the ford is not parked in it's assigned spot (because, over the course of many weeks, she wouldn't fit back in her assigned spot while the car across is over the line and a hail storm was coming so i parked in another and then when i tried to start her, the battery had died and when we tried to push her, we discovered brian can't roll two tons of beauty and metal up a slight incline and when we bought cables and tried to jump start her, we followed these new-fangled directions that say not to run the jumper car and we just about sucked the life from brian's and then it's always dark in the evenings and i can't do anything during the day with the baby and when i tried to pick up a new battery at sears they said they don't have 1958 in their system and needed to know the battery type) and doesn't have up to date tags (oh yes she did. i'm just too lazy to put them on the windshield) and the inspection is out of date (because the last time i tried, she failed because the license plate bulb won't work and the dipshits there don't know the emergency break rules don't apply to cars that old). and she's not even in ann's spot! she also thinks old cars are "ugly and trashy-looking".

so once we tried to jump start her a second time (this time with the jumper car running), i pulled her out in a fantastically huge cloud of stink and, since i still couldn't fit into my covered spot, i pulled her right up to where she would face ann's bedroom window that she likes to incessantly peek out of instead of minding her own business. hahahaha!

actually, it makes me really sad to think of a little old lady who's lived her whole life to end up like she has... rather bitter and angry and peeking through the blinds of her bedroom.

aside from that, i now have to try and bolster my courage to sell the ford. it breaks my heart. it sucks from my solar plexus to think of it. i've had that car for eleven years. eleven years! i'm doing it for the money and it makes me even more sick to know i won't sell it and have a tidy sum to stick in savings. i'll sell her and use the money to make a dent in my debt. it won't even fully pay off the debt. i love that car. but i'm also rotten at taking care of her. it fills me with anxiety to the point that i won't even drive her. so my main motivation is that she needs a good home with someone who can take care of her properly. now i have to decide if i should try selling her to someone here in the complex who's interested (i don't know if seeing it all the time would make me feel worse or better) or taking her to tyler for my dad to sell. i want some fat cat to buy her and restore her to her glory and keep her in his collection, but dad will take her out to work (tyler pipe) where a line worker will probably buy her and take her out to the scary side of town and chop the top. oh, i would die! not that i have anything against non-fat cat grease monkeys. not at all. but i want ford to live like a queen. like annie with daddy starbucks.

i talk about my car like she's a girl. but only because she is.
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