changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

baby's first concert: the lemony snicket debacle.

with money tight and draining the life still left in me, i try to keep a keen eye out for freebies that coincide with places in our lives not already occupied by the endless stream of not getting much of anywhere that we seem to be continually involved with. friday of last week, this equated with promises of a lemony snicket-inspired stephin merritt (gothic archies) performance in the booming suburban wasteland of frisco, tx in the far northern nether regions of metroplex dallas. (here's a sample from another performance.)

it was at a monster of a barnes&noble with two stories and an escalator. traffic conspired against me the entire drive and what should have been 30 minutes took 60. and it was only 3:45pm when i started out. by the time i arrived at the behemoth Stonebriar Centre, the entire store was swathed from head to toe in a quirky mix of munchkins and indie music lovers. it was sheer madness.

brian had already phoned to tell me he was camping out in the aisle between fiction and non-fiction, but the only way i could see anything was by holding my camera well over the heads of those in front of us and then greedily lapping up the tiny images on the display.

apparently, the presenters took the theme of unfortunate events to heart and applied it to their appearance as well. after teasing countless young children with promises of a visit from lemony snicket himself, he was reported a no show. author daniel handler led the show and halfway through (little did i know at the time that we were already halfway through), we decided it just might be better on the ground floor. i set off with O to check it out only to be unwittingly trapped in the mainstage shenanigans as daniel hopped on the escalator just in front of me leaving me to stand at the top waiting for him to turn and march back up still playing the accordion.

brian joined me downstairs and after three songs, merritt hopped up and disappeared never to be seen again (the other unfortunate event).

what the fuck.

at this point, dinner at the neighboring california pizza kitchen could only be a step up from our disappointment... so we went there. we continued our game of hit-the-table which we had taught the baby days before over spicy lentil stew. then brian continued his new game of now-it's-your-turn-to-rub-my-head-and-laugh. whatever keeps him happy.

yesterday afternoon, i drove through a flock of dark grey ducks on my way out of the supertarget parking lot. yesterday evening, the sunless sunset from the balcony on my way to get a pumpkin was cloudy magnificent.

don't forget to roll back your clocks this weekend.

*taken around the time O was squealing to his heart's content.

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