changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

baby's first museum: the nasher sculpture garden.

with money tight and draining the life still left in me, i try to keep a keen eye out for freebies that coincide with places in our lives not already occupied by the endless stream of not getting much of anywhere that we seem to be continually involved with. thursday of last week, this equated with evening-time free admission to the nasher sculpture garden to celebrate the grand opening of the Nbar (no drinks for me... i'm too poor).

we were actually having chilly weather last week, so i dressed O in his first little wool soaker (i know i know... i'm making a concession for wool, but at least this one's made from a recycled sweater) and his first long-sleeved shirt complete with image of bear cub climbing tree. he even wore socks.

we thought O might enjoy the dimly lit stone room with a window to the sky and changing colors on the ceiling, but the colors changed a bit too slowly and he's not one to be so cuddly that he would fall back against my slightly reclined torso so that he could even see the skylight. hence the agitated noises issuing forth not long after we sat down. we milled about outside a bit and were disappointed to see the ends of the massive iron plate sculpture were gated off so that we couldn't walk through. where was the fun, nasher sculpture garden? what had you done with it?

we went back inside to change O's pants on the fanciest diaper changing station i've seen so far (brushed metal... no KOALA CARE stickers in sight) and then proceeded to show him naked art while a young german (?) woman played with his toes and fingers and, i think, implied he was a girl.

we didn't stay terribly long because we'd seen most everything there, i had tremendous gas buildup in my gut making me think i might crumple especially when it was my turn to carry the baby who doesn't like staying in a stroller (and it would be far too uncouth to show up at a museum with a stroller anyhow... all the fashionable babies are carried about like little people these days), and because we were with a baby. so once we'd all had enough, brian suggested we go to cosmic cafe for dinner. so once oliver began freaking out a little, i suggested we get it to go.

a very poor attempt at showcasing baby's fancy new pants.

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