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changing lives since 2003

nice weather: a retrospective.

9am and it's 58 degrees outside. the weather channel forecast just called for 'plentiful sunshine'.

yesterday, i painted the small piece of wall surrounding the sliding glass door and next to the white brick fireplace. it came out not so much mardi gras green as laffy taffy apple. a little too dayglo for our liking. why is it that the actual paint never seems to come out like the paint chip? i ate the rest of brian's spaghetti sauce and used that as a springboard for requiring pei wei for dinner.

sunday morning at approximately 10am, as we were preparing to go to the cottonwood art festival in richardson with evelyn, my father called. i inadvertently sidetracked him with (inadvertently outdated) small talk until 10:10am arrived and he mentioned they were thinking of coming up for a visit that afternoon. i reminded them how it is unacceptable to notify me of visits on the day of the visit (as mom has tried to do twice since the baby arrived). then i invited them to the festival. we've had so many visitors in the last four months i can scarcely pretend to care about the squalorous state of our home anymore. the day was beautiful and we sat on a slope eating twist-cut fried potatoes and kettle corn before going to cafe brazil (greenville) for dinner. everyone pretended to be too full for dessert except me (the only member of the clean plate club, but they had pumpkin spice cake... come on). brian relented and took me to central market. gelato for him, soy cream for me.

the day before, we went to the galleria. oliver flipped out in the toy store. not with crying, but with talking. i think it's his new way of expressing his approaching state of worn out. we like to think he was heady from toy overload. he's so loud. it's fantastic. i'll have him do a phone post later. he also does this completely psychotic thing when he's beyond over-tired where he switches at the drop of a hat from crying to laughing to crying to laughing to crying. we almost called the doctor the first time. he finally loves his swing and baby einstein. he's calmed down a lot. i feel guilty because i'm convinced he's bored and wants more interaction. life is so busy, but it seems we get nothing done.

friday night, we had a babysitter again for the first time in two months. her name is evelyn. she described her three fun-filled hours as an emotional rollercoaster ride. i think until you live it for some amount of time, people just have no idea what a baby is like. i took care of them for years during my early early years and didn't have a clue. we went to a movie at the magnolia: the science of sleep. we had high expectations. it was okay. nice, sweet, interesting. but we weren't bowled over. some bits were painful to watch. we ran home quickly because O was pretending he won't drink from a bottle. considering he's had fewer bottles than i have fingers on one hand, we had no choice but to concede to our level of inexperience in the matter and believe him. daddy convinced him to take it. i wasn't about to throw another bottle of liquid gold down the drain like i did the week before when we defrosted for botulism night.

last wednesday was O's four month appointment. i'd been dreading it after the horrible experience that was way too many vaccinations and an awful evening to follow. he weighed in at a robust 16 pounds 1 ounce and 24.5 inches. his head seems to have settled into a lower percentile. he's so pretty that dr terry said "... she .... her ... her ..." before i decided it wasn't a slip of the tongue and there would be no letting her get away with it once the prefold came off and informed her O's a boy. she was rather embarrassed, especially since they apparently color-code charts and she was staring at a blue one. i cried after he got his five shots while i was trying to calm him down with boob. brian's afraid O will hate him for holding him during his torture. please don't let vax be poison to my baby.

the last couple of weeks, i've been able to wear the urban commando pants again. there's a bit of a muffin top... nay, donut top going on, but i'm in them and even going to public places in them. i don't know how i've managed to lose a couple of extra pounds.

last tuesday, i finally made it to a cry baby matinee... my first movie-going experience since at least may. E had fall break and went with me. the movie was the black dahlia which they were kind enough to cancel. i was ready to be mightily pissed off when they offered the last kiss as a replacement. i was still a bit peeved. getting there had been no small effort. and i had heard the last kiss sucked a bit. according to E, who later went to see TBD a few days later, we came out lucky. we procured our usual seats in the top row and let O swoon before the giant tv a bit before getting him latched on and ready to nap. he did remarkably well and didn't start to lose it until the last scene. about 2/3 into the movie, i leaned over to E and noted that the couple who had been sitting in the row in front of us and about five seats down seemed to have left. "i thought they looked a little out of place," i said as i leaned an inch forward. it was then that i caught a glimpse of a swatch of cloth. i quickly turned back to E with a surprised pucker on my face. i tried to convince her to stand up to see if i saw what i thought i saw. she refused. but i discovered i could lean a bit farther forward and see enough. THEY WERE HORIZONTAL AND DRY HUMPING IN THE THEATER! IN THE ROW IN FRONT OF US! WITH THE LIGHTS ON! IN VIEW OF THE PROJECTION WINDOW! AT A CRY BABY MATINEE FOR GOD'S SAKE!!! i muttered in louder-than-movie-talk about how disgusting it was and they finally sat up. i stared fire into the girl's eyes as i sat trying to protect my infant son from their crimes of sin. CRIMES OF SIN!!! preverts.
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