changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

8 pounds of fury and my night as a functioning adult.

yesterday, the baby was "good". he even sat in his swing (which is still a new thing) and watched language nursery all the way through. he watched about half of it again later. so what if the tv was raising my child. at least he didn't have an insane mother crying into his hair so far this week. he took a decent nap. i had time to slice and cook four of the green apples grown in my parents front yard with butter, brown sugar, currants, cinnamon, cloves, and ginger. that's pretty damned fancy for me. too bad this morning i'm not fancy enough to eat the leftovers out of something more than an ancient Dairy Pride Small Curd Cottage Cheese container my grandmother used to send potato soup with me probably 6 or 7 years ago.

oliver has gotten to the stage where boobie doesn't hold exclusive interest for him. he'd rather try and yank the power cord from my laptop or check out those silver sticks i keep shoving in my mouth or seeing what's on tv or the computer screen. god help me if i turn on music or a clip of someone talking. he accidentally says ma ma now, among other indecipherable utterances. he finally loves to be thrown up in the air. i like to think of it as working out. we are now trapped working out for years to come.

last night i made a deal with brian that i would do some things around the house if he would take primary responsibility of the baby. i would also take him with me when i go over to darren's tonight for dinner. i didn't get much done: potting some plants and trying to use our new floormate... not exactly man's greatest invention. i spent most of the time running that thing back and forth and thinking how that puke stain or poo stain would already be done if i'd just grabbed a paper towel and some glass cleaner.

after my reign as childfree ended after two and a half hours in a feeding session, brian attacked the largest and meanest of his cats ozzy with a pair of scissors. for a couple of months now, his back hair looks like he's been rolling in syrup. (ozzy's back hair, that is... we won't mention brian's back hair.) actually three of the cats simultaneously developed these weird backhair tangles. ozzy is a short haired orange tabby who now looks like he's wearing a saddle. he was severely pissed off by the attack and made some awful noises. even though ttyki has never been an aggressor toward man nor beast (some would beg to differ, but it's always been a case of perceived self-defense that she makes), she took ozzy's screams as something to be offensive about. as brian sat atop ozzy's back, ttyki came flying out of nowhere making her own god awful noises and trying to attack ozzy. i guess she's smart enough to know the best time to overthrow the bully is while he's being held down. i think it's totally awesome because ozzy deserves it and because he's currently twice my 8- pound skin-and-bones cat's size. she was ready to roll that bitch. twice. she was a howling, shrieking, bitch-fueled menace. after brian risked life and limb corralling her behind the bedroom door which he was sitting in front of, ttyki shoved her face up to the bottom of the door and threw a paw out to grab the other side. dude... she wanted blood. and though now that she's lost so much weight and mr kitty is out of the picture so that she's the smallest of the five cats, she's the only one that ozzy doesn't fuck with. nay... he cowers when he inadvertently winds up in her circle of personal space. i've also seen her drop a yellow lab to her knees. she's a testament to the power of attitude.
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