changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

the windshield wiper plot thickens.

so yesterday evening, i looked down on the ford from LR2 and noticed something was horribly wrong with the windshield wiper on the driver's side.

"what the hell?!?" or something to that effect did i shout as i threw open the sliding glass door and marched out on to the conjoined balcony.

"those mother fucking little assholes!" or so did i shriek as i marched down the stairs over ann's condo.

we had seen the band of little fuckers parading about in the parking lot not long before and felt sure we had found our suspects.

i reached the ford and saw they had taken the windshield wiper and bent it backwards until they could stick it on the far side of the side mirror. it looked broken. i tugged it up and it seemed to bend mostly back in place. it fucking well better have. i was too angry to look any closer and turned to march back up the stairs shouting about how i was going to "hunt down those little fuckers and shove my foot up their asses" within earshot of ann's condo.

brian was nice enough to hand me the baby and brush his teeth and floss so he could go talk to "martha" across the way to get the scoop from her. and she just happened to know who the kids were and seemed none to surprised to hear their descriptions along with news of the shenanigans. after all, one of them was the boy i had seen peeing on the grand old oak tree in the courtyard as i was moving in. she promised to bring up the subject during her next conversation with their mother.

in the meantime, brian dashed into O's room where i was watching O grumble because being on his belly makes him angry and not being on his belly makes him angry. brian said he'd just seen an episode of the twiligt zone out in the parking lot as he was loading recycling into the focus.

after peeking through the curtains at brian and then slapping them shut and turning off the light, ann had come out with white nightgown and white hair blazing, strolled ambitiously across the parking lot to her car and then circled it three times. apparently, she thinks brian is jacking with her car. he took some more recycling down and then drove away after turning off our light and having me peek through the blinds. then i saw her out there again. she's nuts! she's paranoid! and she's been totally rude to us on three or four other occasions. foul!
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