changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

milestones and pei wei.

yesterday, my parents came for a visit and to take us to lunch at pei wei. dad hadn't seen him in three weeks and my mom since father's day. he's practically become a new baby since then.

the first part of the visit consisted of grandparent paparazzi and lots of baby talk before we headed out.

in an uncharacteristic move, oliver slept all the way through our outing. he usually has that freaky baby extra sensory perception that notifies him when an order of food is about to arrive in front of us in a public place. in another uncharacteristic move, he enjoyed being put down on his new playmat for more than three minutes. he's been smiling wildly and beautifully for weeks now and working on small vocalizations. but on that playmat, he was shouting (without impending crying) at his dangling elephant and giraffe. and i swear that i heard what i like to think was a first laugh directed at elephant. and no one was with me to confirm it.

he's swaddled in his boppy on the couch next to me now and trying to wake up and just smiled in his sleep. what happened to my stories about beer and mysterious writings on my thighs? now he's got this totally serious pucker on his face. aw. he's my new beer. in addition to real beer, of course. except he removes my calories instead of adding to them. unless you count stress eating. which i don't. which is why i still don't fit into my old pants without looking like a tube of sausage.
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