changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

a photo post: Oliver meets his great grandparents and goes for his first swim.

friday night, i picked my sister up in front of the hyatt at reunion tower. she was in the big city attending some education seminars and wanted to escape from the friday night activity that i believe she called "benjamin bunny's jamboree" or something along those lines. i took her to eat at jason's deli before relieving brian of oliver duty and sending him on for drinks with dave&co at lee harvey's.
i took advantage of my sister's presence to escape the day-long wailing of oliver and try to tidy up a bit.

i was tidying up for yet another visit. saturday, my father was bringing his parents up to finally meet the baby. my grandfather loves babies and children and will sit clucking at them all day if you let him. and this was no different. as soon as oliver finally awoke from the nap he refused to take the day before, my grandfather was on. it's one of the few times i see him look alive. some serious kodak moments ensue.

we saw them off after another trip to jason's deli where i had my first run in with a koala care station in a public restroom in order to deal with some baby blowout.

and then we did the unthinkable: went to two more places on a whim involving no forethought or concerns for feeding schedules. granted, oliver's lack of consciousness was key to moving ahead with our whimsery. so we popped into crate&barrel to pick up a wedding gift for my friend barbara and got some coffee at starbucks. it still counts even if the coffee was a to go trip. and i stayed in the car.

a couple hours later we embarked outside the confines of our condo once again for a warm evening walk to central market. my baby was on fire by the time we got home. this was the first day i didn't feel completely trapped by my fledgling motherhood. too bad it wasn't topped off with a trip to the bar, but it did end with me walking home pushing a six pack of beer in a stroller. if you didn't know i had a baby, that would sound like some crazy fun.

this morning (also known as 11am), i finally gave up on a decent run of sleep and crawled out of bed to take a shower. i passed the jumble of swimsuit fragments i had finally located a few days before and pulled a couple of pieces out before stepping into the bathroom. i had already confirmed that my most forgiving pair of swimshorts would not proceed past my thighs and had thought swimming might be out for the summer. but on this particular morning, i decided if i tried on the bikini sans swimshorts and didn't completely run out of the room screaming, we would be heading straight out the door to the community pool and off to oliver's first swim.

i didn't completely die and told brian it was time to get up and go before i had time to come to my senses. many preparations later, we were finally stepping lightly into the water. after the nightmare of his first bath, oliver had warmed up to the idea of water. but this water was not so warm and it took a little coaxing to get him to stop wailing. then he was in love. until it was time to start wailing again. and even though no one was technically around, i considered this my first foray into the world of public breastfeeding. there are no photos of that.

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