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the worst weekend ever: so far...

my milk came in a the saturday after the wednesday that was the birth of oliver after several days doubting my body could accomplish such a mysterious and mystical task. shortly after, i began experiencing excruciating latch on pain for the first 30 seconds... times two boobs,.. times 10-12 feedings per 24 hours which caused me to frequently and urgently whisper "mother fucker" and jiggle my right foot uncontrollably. i suppose now that oliver was getting something more exciting than a paltry sum of colostrum, he had found his motivation to literally suck the life out of me. i suppose i shouldn't complain too much since it turns out he really is also sucking the pounds off me. it's truly amazing.

anyhow, evelyn's wedding weekend was but a week away which meant i had to manage to find some way to pump a couple of feedings worth of the good stuff in between his 1.5-2 hour feedings without starving him. sure... no stress. except it was next to impossible to get ANYTHING TO COME OUT.

mid-morning friday, bombshell number 1 dropped. i read an email from my employer informing me she had delayed giving me some news until the baby had been born and i had missed many opportunities to fortify my bank account. once maternity leave was up (three work days later), i would temporarily be returning at 50% of my previous employment. never mind i have three new bills (baby insurance, cord blood banking, hospital bill) coming in in addition to the insurmountable ones i already have (my overwhelming credit card debt has doubled in the past six months). i tried to be grateful that i hadn't been laid off completely as i had feared i might. but if one more person describes it as a "blessing in disguise", i'll cut their heart out with a butter knife. please don't make me cut your heart out with a butter knife.

somewhere in there, i also finally heard back from humana regarding the exception request for the pediatrician. fortunately, i didn't need to claim him on my insurance, but it had boiled down to principle at this point. almost two months before the due date, i had dutifully faxed in my letter asking for an exception. 30 days later, humana sent me a letter saying they needed to know why i wanted a pediatrician. god forbid they look at my records and see that i was pregnant. i then had to fax a second letter and i informed them i was pregnant and that my baby was due in less than a month and to please expedite and to call me with any questions. more than 30 days later and the response had still not arrived. i emailed a day or two before oliver's arrival and asked for the status. as expected, i received a reply that it had been rejected. i replied with a nasty-gram and finally received a response the day we came home from the hospital. not only were they rejecting me again, they told me they never should have granted the previous exceptions. to pour salt on the wound, they sent me my claims this weekend stating they were covering a couple hundred dollars and letting us pay in the neighborhood of $10,000. stay tuned for adventures with the Texas Department of Insurance's Complaint Department.

back to that friday:
after skipping the following pedicure/manicure that afternoon, i returned home from the bachelorette luncheon at cosmic cafe to have a frazzled brian tell me our precious boy had been screaming his head off for a solid hour. so after a couple of hours and a couple of feedings, i tried again. this time i ventured out to evelyn and hank's rehearsal to take some test photos... yep, she had managed to wrangle me into taking photos. wedding photos? no pressure. i skipped the following dinner at the clay pit since the baby is far too young and too little to start dieting.

we had initially thought oliver would be three weeks old by saturday (the Big Day). so his vastly immature immune system presented new problems as the staff pediatrician at medical city informed me that a child under three weeks old who becomes ill is taken very seriously and bombarded with little things like xrays and spinal taps. that was enough to make me want to keep oliver sheltered as much as possible thusly creating yet another strategic nightmare. fortunately, my mother agreed to drive up and stay the night so that brian could go to the reception sans oliver. he did bring him to the ceremony, but left the chapel as oliver timed his first stirrings with the lining up of the bridal party.

the ceremony was delightfully short and sweet and i was pleased that there were so many others anxious to capture photographs as well. less performance anxiety for me. we moved quickly out into the stifling heat of that beautiful day to snap all the group photos and after the bulk of the melee was completed, the monster and i moved to the back of the church to shoot a roll of black and white (that's right... an actual roll of film!). i still haven't had them developed so i still could have succeeded in bunging it all up. but at least they were happy with the heaps of digital photos that were taken by all.

so we raced back to the condo to squeeze in a feeding and wait for my mom to report for babysitting duty before racing back out to the reception at blue mesa grill where everyone else was sitting in the glow of speeches and cake cuttings and were being served plates of matrimonial dessert. we gobbled up what was left of the beans, rice, sweet potato chips, and grilled vegetables while slopping down our first proper drinks in ages: frozen margaritas! we were getting blissfully and pathetically drunk off our single drinks by the time we were diving into our own slices of icing. we only had a few moments to spend with our tablemates darren and paul before evelyn made her way over and we gave her "the talk". they were about to head to the magnolia hotel downtown for the honeymoon package and a very "special night", if you know what i mean. we totally knew when the monster was going to be doing it as they were actually doing it! grody!

we were kind enough to order some avocado enchiladas to pay mom with and we prolonged our night out by picking up maxi pads and jasmati rice on the way home.

mom claimed oliver was some sort of angel while we were gone. "screaming? he didn't scream." she was trying to pull some of that perfect babysitting granny shit on us. or maybe she forced my baby to drink water until he suffered water intoxication because i could hear her roll her eyes over the phone previously when asking if we supplement the breastmilk.

the following day was brian's first father's day. i gave him a card and tried to take the four of us out to dream cafe for lunch except they expected us to wait up to 30 minutes in the heat for a table. nothin' doing. instead, we took oliver on his maiden voyage to cosmic cafe where we were the first ones there... before the kitchen even opened. then, my first breastmilk tragedy occurred. a full, hard-fought two ounces mysteriously leaked out of the bottle and out of the little cooler bag into the diaper bag nearly destroying brian's digital camera with breastmilk.

the end. matching photos to be added later.
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