changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

4/15-4/16: easter adventure 2006.

brian threatened to dump me, the mother of his unborn child, for easter. neither of us is religious, but i still do worship with my family at the altar of commercialized bunnies and chocolate eggs.

this would be our second easter apart as he was otherwise engaged with his employment at the condom store last year and our celebration was relegated to a child’s drawing i filled with easter candy given to him in front of a wall of vibrators and anal massagers. i suppose it at least made for a nice photo op.

somewhere along the way, i suppose i harangued him enough to guilt him into making the trip to tyler after all despite the fact we had just been there the week prior for baby shower #2.

we showed up saturday afternoon and i have to admit details on the ensuing events are fuzzy. i like to think this was the day we went to drug emporium and (damn... what’s the name of that store?) with my mother before brian was finally led to the tyler rose garden for his maiden tour. an astounding feat of time delay considering we’ve been dating almost two years and the rose garden is a hot spot for my father.

so we twiddled around the mazes of roses and the discovery garden and side-stepped an african american wedding party dressed in eye catching hues and pimp hats while i tried to not pass out and then picked up my mother for dinner at liang’s followed by a weary game of trivial pursuit. i wonder if i won.

sunday morning, we did the unthinkable: we skipped the easter service. i’ve skipped only once in my 33 years and that was because i was out of the country. i deferred stating my reason as having nothing church-appropriate to wear and, after being told i could wear maternity jeans, i followed up with needing to tend to ttyki who had also come into town for her easter holiday. we were uncharacteristically spending the afternoon at my sister’s and i wanted ttyki to get in some quality backyard time since she’s so damned happy to get away from other cats and munch on plants of dubious safety until she’s prepared to throw them back up.

she immediately filled her long fur with every discarded tidbit of nature that she trailed across, but didn’t seem to mind. she was easy to find indoors... just follow the bits and pieces.

so a leisurely morning had we before heading out to the boondocks my sister’s family calls home. there we met up with a gaggle of assorted paternal relatives to have our hands filled with more baby items by cousin buddy since he was apparently not allowed to attend the shower and then to dine on lunch and desserts. that’s desserts with an –s.

then it was time to test the kids’ memory with the egg hunt by once again hiding plastic eggs in the hairs of the elderly. grandmother sat patiently with hers in place while great aunt margie discovered her head was not flat enough and her hair not permed enough to sustain the artificial ovum. i took it from her and hid it over my belly button instead... a treat i was sure would delight the poor child who had the fortune to discover it.

my sister lives on a double lot with a huge, tree-laden backyard. plenty of room to hide eggs where they would never be heard from again. but it wasn’t so much the chocolate melting in the sun that got the kids jumping for jesus... it was the eggs containing dollar bills. as they huddled together on the living room floor counting their booty, my mother shook her head that the meaning of easter had been reduced to this and tsk’ing the amount of money my sister had allotted... a sum far larger than my mother had deemed appropriate to include in her easter stash

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