changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

at T -2 days and counting, phase four of brian's 10 month's of bumper car fun occurred yesterday evening when the birth of oliver was nearly induced by a car filled with uninsured mexicans. unlike many others i've known, i'd been biding my time awaiting the inevitable experience of being struck vehicularly by a car filled with uninsured mexicans. it's a mandatory occurrence in the life of a texan, i suppose.

you could say we were asking for it, having just driven out of one of dallas' many little mexicos via an awful little onramp from one busy street to another. it's the kind of onramp that always makes you wonder when something is going to go wrong. i wasn't even surprised to hear the crunch and didn't even bother looking around. i simply took brian's supertarget starbucks cheese danish, wrapped it in tissue and tossed it in the floor boards as i grabbed my frappuccino and prepared to exit the vehicle. then i wondered just how hard we'd been hit. even when you're not expecting it, there's still that slowed down sense of hyperspace experienced during an auto accident. i just remembered that little, metallic crumpling noise and not even much of a jolt. was i going to go into labor? no... i think that was just oliver reacting to the small dose of caffeine, but i enjoyed pulling my 10 month pregnant self out of the car to what surely must have been the dismay of the offending party.

i dialed 911 at brian's behest and was told dallas police only visit the scene of an accident when injury is involved or a lack of insurance. i called back moments later to let them know the latter was evident and then i reminded brian that his registration had expired. i sat casually on some landscaping timbers and finished off my frosty beverage before brian asked me to get in the car and we left with one hundred dollars. the ford focus had only sustained some minor scratches while the fiestamobile had the evidence of that crumpling noise.

then we picked exchanged the too-short attic ladder for a not-too-short attic ladder at the container store.

this was our friday night.
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