changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

i have a new best friend: product endorsement.

during yet another back breaking day saturday spent gathering things from stores so we look like we're actually prepared for the baby due to drop into our lives in three weeks, we found ourselves at a wal-mart. at least it's a new, flagship wal-mart, but wal-mart nonetheless.

in the sporting goods section, i found it: my new best friend.

it was an exercise ball (apparently sometimes also known as a "birthing ball"... whatever that means).

i had briefly looked on the internet after hearing something about it coming in handy during labor. don't ask me how that works, but it set me off on a search anyhow. then i learned they come in white so you're not cursed with a gigantic blue/purple/green orb hovering about your home and clashing with all the decor.

i learned that not only could one of these beauties improve your back strength, but they could help develop core muscles just from sitting on them. they don't carry the $400+ price tag like those springy ergonomic stools (one of which i had the fortune to sit on at danish inspirations a month ago... i was in love then too!)... this one rang in at just under $12 (pump included). they also double as a baby bouncer.

and sweet jesus if they don't get the endorphins going. remember those bouncy balls with the handle from childhood? yep... one of those minus the handle. how could you get drowsy or unenthusiastic in the least with one of these babies under your ass cheeks? how? and knowing that your body is getting slightly better rather than slightly worse (and right now, that's quite a plus in my book) just drives it straight home.

forget sex. forget chocolate. get an exercise ball and solve all your problems!

i feel like eating fruit!

granted, it's a little more difficult to maneuver the mouse around my laptop screen, but i'm all enthusiastic, so who cares?

the only thing missing is wheels so i can scoot about from room to room without having to get up and roll it.

i am a little worried it's going to bounce the baby right out. however, accidentally bouncing the baby right out still seems like a large improvement over the traditional way of getting the baby out.
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