changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

thunder clapping: inspiration for the subconscious.

i was sleeping well until about 1:30am this morning when rapidly successive thunderclaps began booming outside and i began some light whimpering as i imagined my plant babies being beaten to death and unearthed once again as rain from the gutters spilled out on them and hair-whipping winds bent them in half and as i imagined water leaking through the temperature-regulating unit in the ceiling of our closet bringing with it an even mustier smell since the hoa refuses to replace the panel for a less moldy, water-stained panel unscathed by their roof leak and as i imagined water pouring into the chimney and splashing water droplets all over the sharp television set i received for my 20th birthday and which lasted me until this past january and which i still haven't given up on because the hoa refuses to provide those units without chimney caps with chimney caps.

the lightning grew closer and closer until it finally banged so loudly that brian and i threw ourselves together in a huddle and ttyki jumped out of her little bed on the shelf and resettled on the floor in front of it. we spent the next 30 minutes huffing the air for any sign that our stuff in the attic was on fire and hoping that helen wasn't going to turn on her broiler for a midnight snack and confuse our sensory input.

the media coverage of the storm in the middle of the night was disappointing to say the least. it was rare to even find a blurb on the side of the screen. the lightning tracker i saw was counting in the neighborhood of 1500-2000 strikes every 15 minutes. but i wonder if i heard that correctly.

we began to settle back into slumber; but mine, as usual, was horribly restless.

the dreams began to pour in.

i had my baby shower guests over to a slick, mega-corporate test group meeting to give their opinions on hair styling. there was a budzinski there doing hair, but it wasn't melody.

then i was in charge of promoting the world's tallest skyscraper which looked like a narrow model ironically surrounded by much taller skyscrapers. the unfortunate part of the dream was how i kept finding myself hovering on the outside of the building. 126 stories up it was hard not to be terrified as i tried to adjust to the feeling of bouts of plummeting while i analyzed the construct through a light mist.

then i was witness to some new technology in a test room deep inside a mammoth, labyrinthine structure which was actually the computer generating the new technology. it had the ability to temporarily morph the participant into someone else. and i believe that someone else would be a dead someone else. the last to give it a whirl was a large man a la john goodman who was turned into a large old lady with grey wig and bad dress a la mama's family. i continued along one of the long hallways leading away from that area while marveling at the tall ceilings and dark luminescence of the computer walls hard at work and lighting up like blue strips of x-rayed dna. i wound up in a chamber witnessing a group of individuals popping in and out of their barometric pods, each dressed in a different primary color: blue, yellow, red, pink... they were trying to get their transformations right as i watched the male in blue wait while a large, matching blue, stuffed octopus was dropped over him. transformation achieved. and yes... they were the mighty morphin' power rangers.

under the circumstances, i make many thanks unto god that it wasn't another sex dream.
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