changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

painting a moving target.

the atmosphere of the small, one-room gallery was almost treehouse-like as the afternoon breeze rolled in through the rustling green leaves outside and through the glassless, wooden-paned window and open door bringing the mild scent of early spring with it.

a small selection of paintings clustered about the wall adjacent to the window. they were murky-toned. they were stylistically northern renaissance. they were striking.

jaunty, round-cheeked faces stared back with a questionable, nearly unnerving intentionality... the ones with eyes anyway. i squinted back hard at them until i could see they weren’t so stationery. they were playing out little vignettes. surfaces were squirming in cycles of action before returning to their original position and beginning the game again. i leaned in closer. waited for the light to hit the surface from a different angle. looked for the grid-like coarseness proving it to be canvas. and canvas it was.

but how could it be moving?

we felt we had to consult the curator about this. he offered a sit down with the artist for an explanation.

the artist had begun her career in the technology field... something CAD-related. she had then decided to foster her blossoming interest in the arts, but managed to incorporate her first career with it.

she had developed an astonishing method by which programming and materials could be incorporated into the old world of fine art. in this case, oil painting.


i wish i could explain to you better the technical aspects used to bring these works to life; but, i must admit, it was well over my head. quantum physics or a nearby scientific cousin maybe? it made sense at the time, but i suppose you just had to be there.
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