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i've been on a lush strike for some time now simply because i've spent several years as a soap whore and have a lot of work ahead of me to get rid of it. not to mention, i still have several bath bombs/melts that have yet to see the light of my tub. i'm simply too lazy to keep my tub clean enough to want to simmer myself in it. so lazy, in fact, that i have yet to take a bath during my entire pregnancy and i hear pregnant ladies love baths.

i just lied. brian and i finally took our first bath together a week or two before i moved out as a way of saying goodbye to Garden Tub and so brian could know the glory of bathing under 16 foot ceilings.

we lit candles and listened to the doves and didn't have drinks and used a hot java bath bomb i had purchased a year earlier so that we could take a bath together. it was lovely. brian washed my hair and soaped me up and rinsed me off. and then, i heard this gulping noise and looked around the shower curtain to see ttyki sitting on the toilet just before she hurled all down the side of it and on to the floor. twice. it was the perfect ending to a perfect bath.

and then oskar threw up. twice.

so anyhow. i had finally used up the last granules of my ocean salt face scrub when, lo and behold, i received lush's annual notification that they were about to start giving away xmas stock like crazy as long as you purchased two items. not too big a stretch for me.

just now, one of two ups men with whom i'm becoming rather familiar showed up at my door with a total lush score.

i bought a small container of ocean salt and one avobath and got 2 baby samples of rock star and alkmaar soaps and five full-size free gifts!:

1. twas the night soap
2. randy buttercream
3. snow festival bubble bar
4. xmas kisses bubble bar
5. jingle bells bath bomb

holy shit!

it smells so good in here that i'm about to throw up the bowl of soy delicious peanut butter chocolate ice cream that i just wolfed down!

ps: if any of you are lush-heads, have you seen the new easter gift offering? i could pry my eyeballs out of my head over it's cuteness. bunny shaped bath bombs inside a giant avobath easter egg? stop it!

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