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movie madness: wim and the holocaust intercepted by floods.

considering my astounding knack for losing entire weeks of time these days, it must have been thursday before last (instead of what feels like last week) when brian and i found ourselves hunkered down on the stairs of the magnolia theater awaiting our turn at a free ticket to see wim wender's don't come knocking. my pregnancy has also reached new footholds in the public eye as a theater employee raced after me as i returned to my spot on the floor after a trip to the restroom to inform me that the manager has offered us a seat in the lounge if we would like. i deferred. it would mean having to get up off the floor again.

we made it in to the theater long before showtime and listened to the theme song play over and over and over and over and over again. even my pre-movie potty break didn't give me reprieve as it was being pumped through the speakers over the stalls as well. toward the end of our pre-intermission, small sections of the theater had begun creating new lyrics along the lines of "turn it off" as we began clawing at the delicate skin on our faces.

in an attempt to take our mind off the auditory version of chinese water torture, brian informed me the middle aged couple to my left had been having a showdown as a result of the male not purchasing popcorn for the female. i have to side with the male on this one... theater prices are outrageous and female is more than welcome to purchase her own damn popcorn. she pointed out how he would have gotten it for another female of specific name (ex?, daughter?) without hesitation shortly before the water works began. this continued into the beginning of the movie until he issued several commands to hush up and watch the movie before she finally settled into silence and sniffling.

as per the usual and despite warnings and promises of more free movie passes, the traditional mass exodus began as the credits rolled despite the fact a q&a with none other than wim himself was on the immediate horizon. i kept remarkably cool during the parade (even as it continued throughout the q&a) and stepped aside to let brian become more and more vehement. it was someone else's turn for the anger.

a 45 minute wait at la cocina across the alley sent us scurrying back home without dinner. but the wim fun didn't end there. not realizing that he also directed until the end of the world, i decided that should be our friday night video choice. brian had never seen it and i had been meaning to watch it again for ages. the oh-so-futuristic opening scenes had us reminiscing over the decadent fashion of the 90's.

the rest of the weekend was spent in a whirlwind of flooding rains which, on sunday, succeeded in unplanting my new plants, leaking down the chimney, and running through our heating unit in the master closet. the courtyard flooded several inches worth even with the help of drains sloughing off watershed as fast they could. from the looks of reports around town, we missed the worst of it (one lady drowned in turtle creek, dave's parking garage was flooded with four feet of water (along with storage areas and first floor units), and two blocks from my old loft had several feet of water in the street. fun!

brian's brother daniel spent the better part of the week with us so he could attend classes teaching him how to program remotes. there was no slacking off in the evenings. brian is notoriously un-handy (but not un-handsy!) and dragged daniel to ikea to purchase three dressers and haul them home, had him install our stereo equipment, had him install our new dining room light fixture, had him go to home depot for supplies, and had him fix our kitchen sink. that'll teach him.

skipping ahead in the movie madness, we missed the free pass for the devil and daniel johnston and settled for fateless instead. little had i ever noticed, but three stars cinema is a jewish-based organization and boy howdy... the jewdys were out in force for this screening. i started to feel a little out of place as i was handed my ticket until i remembered i look more jewish than most jews. as a matter of fact, brian and i both look so jewish that i awarded us the most jewish-looking of the crowd. there were no trophies, but the seat next to me was awarded at the last possible moment with a heavy, mouth breather who produced odd chortles throughout the 2.5 hour event. this crowd was far different than most of the mish-mosh found at a free movie. lots of oy-vey's and eastern block languages and people sneaking in snacks of sun chips, grapes, and even sandwiches as the host reminded everyone they couldn't complain too much about the quality of the dvd since it was free and to not forget about the upcoming kosher chili cook off.

on my way back up the stairs to my seat, i had my second movie-pregnancy encounter. an odd woman who had been walking in front of me (and who seemed easily confused by the entire free movie process) stopped off at her row and caught a glimpse of my belly. she informed me that she was going to touch it and made sure i understood that pregnant bellies are public property as she tapped it oddly on the top. i've heard many times of people receiving unsolicited belly rubs from complete strangers, but this was my first time to ever witness it. dude... it was fuckin' weird. who does that?!?

during the movie, Baby X learned to do something new: kick the fuck out of my ribs. he has lately been wiggling his way slowly up my right side and i found him firmly planting himself up there more often than not as i squirmed in my seat. i had been staring at my stomach earlier in the day and almost had another reality break as i pondered the rather large being just inside of my abdomen. as this pseudo-awareness tried to insiminate itself into the construct of my world, it settled in on the already fragile skin of my acceptance like a thick, fudgy slice of triple layer chocolate cake atop a tenuous membrane convexing over a glass of water... molecular bonds flexing and straining with the inevitable weight of keeping two realities separate. cake.

after watching a 15 year old endure the horrors of buchenwald, we were famished. we walked to cafe express where, for the second time in as many weeks, i received a bowl of pasta covered in cheese despite having requested no cheese. after many french fries, my food finally came back out and damned if it didn't resemble my first bowl of food except it seemed rather apparent that instead of making a new dish, the kitchen staff had exerted great effort to remove each delicate piece of cheese by hand. i know this because there was still cheese hiding in the sauce and it was disturbingly cold for something supposedly hot off the grill. bastards.
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