changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

today's alliteration: bunko in brooklyn.

after losing a large chunk ($428) of my hidden money given to me here and there for birthdays and xmases mostly by my grandmother and finding only a meager $128 in my desk drawer, i finally stumbled across it in my little green suitcase. my whole life, i've had a tendency to hide money around my room as evidenced by the five dollar bill which recently came fluttering out of my ancient copy of judy blume's tale of a fourth grade nothing as brian thumbed through its pages.

i recalled that at some point, hiding wads of cash in my desk drawer was unacceptable and it would likely get stolen by an errant maintenance man. then, as usual, i pondered many better places to hide it and thereby forgot which spot i actually chose... the green suitcase. but as i prepared to move, it resurfaced much to my monetary delight.

i now had much-needed bills spilling out of my hands to the tune of $646. just enough and then some to cover ttyki's recent near-death experience!

once we had gotten moved into the new place, i produced the combined wad in a tattered envelope bearing the single word "Beth" in my grandmother's penciled handwriting and announced to brian to pay special attention to where i was now placing the wad.

today, i realized i had already forgotten where that new place was. fortunately (as brian has the memory-capacity of oliver north), there were only so many possibilities and it was quickly located in the candle drawer smelling like clean cotton and citrus&sage.

as my paytrust account was whispering to me that i only had $18 left in my bank account to tide me over for nearly a week, i decided it was time to deposit the cash and the $875 returned security deposit from the insane management at deep ellum lofts.


i couldn't decide which credit card to give it to!

after going to the bank, i decided gas and coffee were called for so i filled up and then hopped into the neighboring borders.

at the cafe counter, my card said: "contact your bank"

oops. i acted as if i the deposit i had recently made was made more than 15 minutes prior as i pulled out a ten dollar bill and handed it to the cashier.

back home, before i had gotten fully comfortable on the bed with laptop and latte, the phone rang. another fucking telemarketer.

it was chase's fraud department. dude. they were calling me for bouncing a coffee. i couldn't know for sure because i had already pretended i wasn't home.

but it didn't make sense. i had remembered a faux pas shortly after my arrival back home. when i saw the $18 balance, i was looking at my paytrust smartbalance showing $500 future bills already factored in.

i called back chase. shortly after giving every piece of my personal information out, i remembered i was calling a number that had been given to me by "chase" and not a number i had looked up for chase. holy shit! had i just handed my ass over on a silver platter? "thankfully not," i thought as she told me i had just purchased gas and been declined at borders.

then she asked if i had spent $500 playing bunko in brooklyn. "surely not!" i thought.

but someone had been and on my dime. how the hell did this happen? this is the one credit card number i have memorized. and some big city bunko addict was going to take it away from me! the bastard!!!

even more disconcerting is that i will not be informed should they manage to track the scoundrel down in some grimey gaming hall talking like john travolta and wearing saturday night fever pants and learn how he became so tricky. i would like to know how to better protect myself, but the grandmotherly CSR on the other end of the line continued to assure me that this was likely on a large scale and just a numbers game.

that's supposed to make me feel better?!?
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