changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

week of the blood glucose tests: part II of II.

ttyki retook her test which she had failed so miserably the first time with a 500 and failed even more miserably a week ago with a 30. she self-corrected her previous work and passed with a 76!

now, a 76 might not sound like much of a passing grade, but considering an A=40-130 for a non-diabetic cat, i don't think she could have done much better.

hot diggity damn.

and, in following the tradition of the week, she made virtually no fuss at having her blood drawn. a different vet came out to take her back for the stick and as it turns out, ttyki shares yet another tradition with me: she is known to vets for her violent opposition to having her blood drawn.

me: she's a pretty grumpy cat, so watch out.
vet: ah... thank you for the warning. wait... is this the white cat [tilts carrier up to see inside and halts halfway there upon immediate recognition]? oh yes, i remember her. thanks for the warning.

but before i ever heard any of the awful, prolonged, agonized cat noises i heard a week ago, the vet returned with the carrier.

me: you already did it? but i didn't hear anything.
vet: yep. she was really good.
me: really? she didn't try to bite or anything?
vet: it went pretty quickly. she let out one hiss and that was it.

one of the first things i did upon our return home was to give ttyki two treats and cross syringes off the grocery list.
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