changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

sugar blooded.

i wake up frequently during the night these days. not necessarily just to pee, but also because my nose is a constant conglomeration of bloody boogars.

i woke up a little after 4am this particular morning to a slightly stuffy nose. i tossed. i turned. i tried to ignore it. i had already been up once and wasn't in the mood to be up again. then, of course, i made the inevitable decision that i would have better chances of sleeping if i just bit the bullet and blew my fuse.

so there i was: boxer shorts around my knees, flanks on the porcelain, blood leaking from my left nostril... when all of a sudden, ttyki teetered out seemingly from nowhere. she sidled up to me to say hello and then turned and started back the other way. i noticed her normally stiff legs looked even more wobbly than usual as her hind feet sort of slid on the tile with each step. she was pacing and looked to be having another bout of the constipation i've caught her battling a couple of times the last month or two.

she looked pained, but soon managed to squeeze some out on the floor. no scolding, because it really is a sad sight. crisis over.

but then she went and laid down in the small, kitty-sized corridor between the opening of the litter box and the wall. i couldn't just leave her there, so i sat facing her for a few minutes with toilet paper hanging out of my nostril. i finally picked her up and tried to brush some of the loose litter off her belly before carrying her to the bedroom and depositing her on the foot of the bed. she quickly jumped down and traveled the few feet to her food and water bowls.

granted, this has been a stressful two weeks... what with her already hating oskar and now having four more of his kind to deal with for an increasing amount of time every day. earlier in the evening, i had kicked out the feline strangers because they seemed to be wearing her down more. she actually hid out in the tub... something that's much more oskar's style.

so i thought that all the stress might be counteracting with her insulin injections resulting in the usual thirst. i filled up the water bowl with fresh water. no takers. so i poured out a little kibble and she literally inhaled it. literally inhaled it into her stomach, at least. i've never seen a cat eat like that. then she immediately became disoriented and began sniffing and lightly licking at the edges of bowls and at the air with her head bobbing up and down... much like the one time i saw her coming out of anesthetic as a kitten.

glassy eyes. it wasn't good.

she was unresponsive to me and kept rooting around next to her bowls while i stood over her crying. brian finally woke up and agreed things didn't look right. i sat on the floor and held her in my arms as she continued poking her nose into the air and her eyes widened into a bright, minty green.

i cried for brian to get the plastic bear filled with honey that i've kept on hand since ttyki was diagnosed with diabetes. he squeezed some on my finger and ttyki licked it up right away. the second and third times i had to wipe my finger on her tongue. but then i worried i might be doing the wrong thing.

we dressed and located the address for our vet's emergency clinic and hit the road in search of it. we arrived at 5:00am. 25 minutes and $261 later, we were told her blood sugar had plummeted into the 30's (the minimum normal range is in the 70's... i believe it had been almost 500 when diagnosed last fall). they were going to insert a catheter and i would have to be back by 7:30 to pick her up.

with about 20 more minutes of sleep under my belt, i watched and waited as a dog strongly resembling helen's wishbone and a dog strongly resembling a speckled pony took leave. i then listened as the emergency vet put ttyki back in her carrier. as i could hear, the glucose had returned her to her normal, grumpy self.

then it was off to see dr charles. she breezed in the door wearing slightly slouchy, black leather boots, black leggings, and a blazer in a light brown needlepoint-like print. you've got to love her. she initially wanted to send us home and halt the daily injections, but ended up keeping her to test her blood sugar throughout the day.

she told me how lucky it was that i had gotten up to use the bathroom when i did. i tremble knowing she's right.
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