changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

security deposit.

much like my luck with golden parking spaces at notoriously overcrowded commercial establishments, my luck with the return of security deposits seems to be increasing over time.

the more i think "they're going to actually charge me," the more i end up getting back instead. the longer i live in a place and totally muck it up, the more they seem to pay me over any amount i ever possibly could have given them in the first place.

as you might have surmised, i received my Security Deposit Disposition from the farm&ranch lofts in the mail yesterday. it's a dizzying web of numbers i don't understand or recognize including what seems to be some kind of breakdown of fees paid during january and february, though i really can't be certain. nor do i understand why they're included on this particular report except that i apparently, somehow, managed to underpay $4 in january and then had my $5 trash pickup fee waived in february. i don't see the $1 over credited to me, but considering they seem to be saying they're willing to give me $875, i'll let it slide.

$875. i in no way recall ever paying that much in deposits. $500... definitely. $600... maybe. and i know that at least $200 was supposed to be a non-refundable pet deposit. but $875 means that i'm getting everything back that they think i paid. this happened once before in the shithole apartment i occupied for five years in denton. i was there so long that i could no longer remember how much i paid. i like to chalk it up to frequent management changes and inadequate tracking of paperwork.

there is no actual check included in the letter, so i'm not counting my chicks as hatched just yet.

but... $875!!!

edit: holy shit! while pulling up a report of all my payments to deep ellum lofts through my online bill payment service, i learned i paid in the neighborhood of $35,362.26 to live there for four years! and 13 months of that was while i was unemployed. all of a sudden, i feel like they owe me far more than $875.
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