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hot blooded

i think i've forgotten how to update livejournal.

i'm finally done with moving. that has absolutely nothing to do with unpacking. we've been here 1.5 weeks and brian closed on his condo yesterday morning.

i'm still trying to clean up the grime left behind by the installation of the floors. that whole bag really fuckin' pissed me off. dust on the counters and inside cabinets and inside closets and inside closed off bathrooms and inside drawers and inside drawers and cabinets inside closed off bathrooms. a big fuckin' mess that they didn't even attempt to circumvent. fucking bastards. and they used one of my glasses. and then i thought "they might have had some of my gin" and then i thought "holy crap! they went into the game closet and rifled through my deck of semi-naughty playing cards that my cousin sent me." and then brian said he was the one who had gone through the cards the night we were waiting for one of the craiglist people to show who finally bought the carpet for $400 so then i decided maybe the installers didn't use my gin after all. but they definitely did use a glass. and make a huge fuckin' mess.

no cats have killed any other cats yet, but ozzy finally showed his asshole side to both of my cats yesterday. so i threw a sponge at him. brian fancies that ozzy is jealous that brian hangs in the bedroom with my cats and without him when he gets home and this gets his dander up. and boy howdy does that cat have some dander. otherwise, he (ozzy) and oskar just trade off these little brrrrrr-like noises. all the ladies hiss like little steam cleaners. so catty. mr kitty sits by the glass door or the picture window and periodically lets out horrible, sorrow-ridden howls because he's trapped inside and not outside killing one of the many squirrels like when he lived outdoors in carrollton and was forced to supplement his food intake by tearing apart birds and bunnies because his daddy refuses to feed him a substantial diet. i accidentally shut ttyki's tail in the closet door in LR2 yesterday evening and she made some horrible noises. she got totally pissed off and couldn't work her way back through our maze of stuff because juana was sitting alongside the path so ttyki decided to keep making horribly noises while she plowed ahead into a gap in some stuff and totally wedged in her upper body and kept trying to go until i put my hand in her face and forced her back out and the other way while she kept making horrible noises and that's when ozzy decided would be the best time to attack her for the first time. and that's when i threw the sponge at ozzy. and brian hadn't even come home yet.

it turns out we've moved into some kind of unofficial senior citizen community. we knew about our elderly neighbor helen and helen's elderly dog wishbone who has finally stopped barking every time we come up the stairs. then i met ann from downstairs who just might be older than helen. then i saw an old man carrying a kitty litter box across the courtyard and a smattering of other elderly people in the parking lot who may or may not live there including the super old man hobbling along on a walker wearing a white sweat pants suit and cataract sunglasses who placed himself by the keypad to the gate. then brian was approached by another, random elderly lady who had apparently been talking to helen and ann who seem to be telling the rest of the elderly clan about the new husband and wife who are expecting. we haven't bothered to correct them. i did correct ann when she asked if my husband is a firefighter, but only by saying that the license plate cover on my car wasn't for the fire dept but the company where my mom works and where the car was purchased. they have such strong faith in the belief that you can't be impregnated without being married that they have not even checked for rings.

they just reported that the high temp today was 93. holy shit. and i didn't even need the a/c. i don't think i believe them. it was sleeting a week and a half ago.

today, i had not one, but two massive nose bleeds. i would touch my left nostril and BANG! an avalanche of blood poured on to my face, into my hand, down my white t-shirt, on to my thigh and foot, spattered across the bedroom floor into the bathroom, spilled into the sink, and soaked a small paper towel. TWICE! i decided not to leave the house even though it's gorgeous today and instead sat here in my double blood-stained shirt. i fancy i'll begin to not leave the house so much that one day i'll wake up and need to leave the house only to discover i've grown right out of all my clothes to the point that i can't even fit into anything enough to go and buy some more clothes.

the end.
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