changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

approaching the final trimester: prepare for landing...

i do this by inflating my cushion. after the devastation suffered during the weigh in post-thanksgiving/xmas that resulted in ten pounds, i made sure to guarantee success. well, kind of. i have been to the gym four times since then. FOUR! and that's just in THREE WEEKS! and let's not forget the hefting of boxes and bags up a flight of stairs. STAIRS! of course, i made no effort to decrease my reckless eating habits.

okay... so what i really did to at least help my success was to not get cocky like last time and wear a pair of boots which could not be easily or stink-freely removed prior to stepping on the scale and thus adding a pound or two to the already traumatic outcome.

we're back on track with a four pound gain for the last month, but that in no way makes up for the damage already done thusly bringing the grand total to 150 pounds. ouch! that's twenty two pounds and i'm still not quite to six months where the expected weight gain is a pound a week. ouch! that's at least twelve more pounds.

i still duly subtract the weight that must come off my ass and thighs. maybe there's still hope of only putting on a net of 25 pounds. and if anyone doubts the viability of the previous statement, they are more than welcome to check in with eartha regarding the definition of net.
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