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insurance "resolution"

so in anticipation of my appointment this afternoon with the OB, i called humana to see if they could go ahead and tell me if a resolution had been reached regarding the gigantic, heart-palpitating fiasco regarding my in-network coverage.

she said the letter was on its way and my group of OB's have been approved.

somehow, the utter joy i would like to feel at this news is dampened significantly as the spark was peed on by the treacheries of my doctors' billing department and the fact that i had to go through any of it at all in the first place. but i am intrigued at how the frequency and duration of my heart palpitations seem to be in direct relationship to the levels of stress i've been under.

to make the situation even more fun, the Humana CSR checked and said it looks like there are no doctors of any kind in dallas or ft worth who accept the humana ppo plan. so anytime i want to go see a new doctor or a specialist, i will be required to submit a separate request for another letter of exception.

how grand!
Tags: insurance
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