May 20th, 2011


thanksgiving 2010.

you know what? fuck it. here it is. the worst thanksgiving review ever. because i can barely even remember where we were anymore. we were in killeen, if you're counting. brian's brother's family did not join us. ben did. i know there were good times out in the woods for grandpa, ben, and oliver. i'm certain racoons were involved at some point and that we watched a flock of deer breakfast. we ate vegan, gluten-free thanksgiving food and that was quite nice of his mother. i wanted to make macaroni and chreese for my children, but there was some kind of magical food tension there and instead, oliver just picked at his plate and didn't get dessert. violet pigged out. she was still in her anything-goes phase of eating, i suppose. those were the good old days.

you are lucky in that i don't remember much else and that i apparently only took 8 photos. or, i at least only uploaded 8 to flickr and i'm so overwhelmed by the minutae and the opposite of minutae right now that having even one more tiny increment added to my number of things to do would send me flying right on over the edge and i cannot bear to look at the november 2010 photo folder. alright fine. i looked. that was the month that i was too lazy to charge batteries or free up space on the camera and just didn't use it at all.