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my weekend. and some other days mixed in for fun. [06 Feb 2011|10:26am]
we finally made a break for it yesterday at 1pm. the temperature had mustered the strength to rise above freezing and the snow and ice were dwindling down to piles of dirt and filth.

we gathered up all our groupons and scrip cards and headed to north park mall. we looked at the fountain. we sneaked past starbucks. we got the lightweight coat from gymboree, but killed my dream of the froggie jeans. but it will live in my livejournal until the destruction of the digital age.

we have failed over and over again to find a replacement for oliver's little black peacoat. the one that gathers cat hair and lint like a static cling dust mop and just collects more lint and pills when you try to wash it off. a complete embarrassment marching down the school hall with him in that thing. i've switched over to shopping for swimsuits. in february.

we cleaned out the kids' section in american apparel. actually, considering i had two groupons for a total of $100, our booty looked quite unlike someone making out like a bandit. brian used one for a hoodie and a pair of underpants. $50! the other $50, plus $12, went to oliver:

i would've gotten something for violet, but they didn't really have her size in those striped bloomers. i would've gotten something for myself, but i cannot stand the level of ugliness american apparel has managed to achieve with their deep sea fishing expedition for the worst of 80s fashion in unbearable colors.

we rode the escalator down to the ducks. violet delighted. i watched oliver watching the kids sliding on those tile-covered planters of death with a slight smile on his face. and then i watched as he launched his attack and his feet slipped out from under him and his face went flat into the floor and i went over there and watched the blood collecting by his teeth and cussed the mall out under my breath. those stupid planters and ankle high cactii displays. it's like they just flat out hate children. i hate them.

i told him we should ditch that place and go medicate his busted lip with apple juice and a secret chocolate chip cookie bandaid. and he and i holed up at a table in the back of starbucks and ate our cookie halves and promised not to tell violet because she's not old enough to eat cookie bandaids yet.

we got buckled in the car and felt popular as two vehicles jockeyed for our parking spot. we had won the spot after an expedition couldn't fit its ridiculously large ass in there and had to drive off with a tail of exhaust between its legs. people were frantic out there. i guess everyone had cabin fever and we joked in healthy proportions that all the aggressive people were in for the superbowl and pulling out in front of us without looking or waving or thanking because they had superbowl tickets.

we popped up the street to the best buy and i felt quite uneasy as i pulled back into something approximating the spot i had been parked in for four hours recently when i had that better world incident. by the way, they emailed me back and then followed up with a call and apologized profusely and gave me the rest of the year for free and sent me a $25 gift card for some chain restaurants. so that was nice.

we were there to try out printer number two. the kodak one we had started out with completely sucked and took 17 minutes to scan a santa photo with exceptionally poor quality. we later learned there might have been a better way to hook up the wireless portion, but they had something like 50% incredibly negative reviews on amazon anyway. canon pixma... don't let us down. i have shrinky dink valentines to print out.
it was after four by the time we were heading home. both children passed right out. we sat for a few minutes in the parking lot and learned the burst pipe in the laundry room had thawed enough to fill it with three and a half feet of water. how they were able to so accurately measure the water levels as they opened the door and watched it rush out, i'll never know. we have a formidable mountain of dirty laundry alreay. it's going to be a madhouse at the second laundry room this week.

the children both maintained sleep after being carried upstairs and were wailing, kvetching bears when they woke up at 5:25. violet has been doing this new thing the past week where she just lays down and falls asleep wherever and can also be moved to her bed without waking. i thought she was coming down with a case of the pukes or something. whatever it is, i like it.

we packed us back up and went to roti grill. the two high chairs were being used by a table that was keeping them nice and empty, so violet sat next to me in the booth and didn't give me a single problem. i kept her doped up with pieces of sandwich and pita bread and a banana. when we had dined there a couple of weeks ago, we had an incident which allowed us to call the cops on someone. we were at that crappy light at mockingbird and 75 where it's not unusual to have to sit through 2+ cycles of the traffic light. we had one car left in front of us and the person behind us got pissed because we all stopped for the red light and decided to actually TAP MY BUMPER and honk at us. i was so surprised, i barely reacted. it took awhile to process that someone had actually RUN THEIR CAR INTO MINE. i tried to make an excuse for him that maybe it was an accident and the horn was an I'M SORRY! but then he wouldn't have raced around us to the far right lane and then cut in front of everyone back to the far left to enter the highway. which made it quite easy for us to dial 911 and give them his license plate number. they said they'd have to send out a cop to us, for some reason, and we said never mind if it was just going to be a waste of time for them and they said they'd keep an eye out for him. but really, WHAT AN ASSHOLE.

i have a new herpes on my face. middle of my upper lip this time. it started yesterday, and i figure it's from all the mighty chapped lip business. like the edges of my face just outside my lips are even chapped. they were set on fire the other day when i made some tortilla soup using the recipe i received from spiral diner during my cooking class monday night... hours before we became winter weather bound.

ps: tuesday, the power company decided all last minute to have these rolling blackouts where they would shut you down for 15 minutes of every hour for several hours. which made working fun. and then we heard they had done this to some critical care facilities, like parkland hospital, whereby kennedy died. what's better is how they gave exemptions from the blackouts to downtown fort worth, downtown dallas (which included the convention center where throngs of people were staying for the NFL SUPERBOWL EXPERIENCE... real name), and the fucking cowboys stadium. REALLY?! they didn't even bother to notify DART (buses and rail system), who could have made alternate plans, had they known. way to go. maybe it would have been different if they had been transporting the NFL teams.

anyway. i have to find the courage to go to the vehicle inspection place today looking like a leper because i finally got a ticket two weeks ago and i've been homebound for the most part with husbands out of town and preschoolers throwing up and snow falling down. i'm hoping it will keep them from talking to me about engine flushes.

ps: juana took a shit on oliver's area rug yesterday while he was napping. why not? i had a dream this morning while i was sleeping in that oliver was wearing a prefold covered in blood and i kept asking brian why his crotch was bleeding and violet was throwing up on the floor and oliver said he was going to throw up and i was saying, "for god's sake, do it in the toilet" and while he was throwing up, he peed all over the floor. one of those dreams where you can't tell it apart from reality.

i was searching for birthday cake ideas this morning.

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