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November 2010 - ms_pooka
Month View

Here are all the posts for this month by ms_pooka:

11:11 am: july fourth. - 2 comments
12:49 pm: oliver transcribed a story to brian recently on some post-it notes... - 7 comments
01:19 pm: july 8th: hey, look! we went to the zoo!

11:13 am: i've taken a mister. - 4 comments
11:40 am: we bought a house... - 20 comments

11:32 am: violet: just some things... since i'm still struggling to update regularly. - 4 comments
12:37 pm: violet: first haircut. - 1 comment

11:56 am: the weekend: the deep south, the birthday party, the park. - 5 comments

12:22 pm: killer playgrounds and magical, mysterious things.

08:31 am: violet: don't put your fingers in there if you want them back out alive.
08:52 am: as long as we're at it: violet's first haircut. - 2 comments
03:58 pm: this might not fall under the category of good parenting, but at least a switch wasn't involved. - 2 comments

09:29 pm: for privacy purposes,ou i'm not going to tell you what i was trying to find... - 2 comments

05:34 pm: peacocks: just when i thought that neighborhood couldn't get any stranger... - 4 comments