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changing lives since 2003's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
changing lives since 2003

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soccer, sleeping, and eating. the three basics of life. [20 Mar 2010|03:46pm]
oliver's second soccer game was this morning. we almost didn't make it as a cold front came through last night and the children, conditioned as they are like animals to rising with the sun, slept later than usual and we lounged in our bed until eight, listening to the rain and thinking the game canceled. turns out there's an option to play inside the ymca and who knew that. it smelled faintly of urine mixed with perspiration, but there were bleachers and that was pretty keen.

oliver cried during some pledge they do before game time, so i worried the entire rest of the game that he was going to cry again. it wasn't a boohooing kind of crying, but he returned to the bench with a tear running down each cheek.

he was out on the field twice and did the usual walking slowly in whichever direction the ball was headed. the only footwork he managed was when the ball rolled up and hit his motionless feet. he was pushed aside a couple of times and i felt that was a bit much for a team of three and four year olds. the coach has resigned himself to the fact that it will be much faster getting everyone into position if he just picks up the slower-moving team members and physically relocates them. he was breaking a sweat by the end of game time.

we retrieved a clementine and apple juice for oliver and headed to the car. the air outside had become super cold. it had kind of escaped me that this sort of weather is still possible for another month.

thursday night, i put violet down to bed and she did not wake again until 3:30am. this is some kind of record. her usual drill is to stir around 9-10 and one of us scuttles in there to shush her back to sleep before she can explode into a full on screaming episode. then, around 11:30, she wakes and has a full on screaming episode and we call it a night. brian theorizes her diaper becomes moistened and she moves into the land of extreme displeasure. but thursday night, we both fell asleep on the couch and i went to bed alone at 2:30, without moving her. and she stayed asleep that extra hour. i'm surprised as i had decided she was obviously no longer living and i had poked her until she started moving.

last night, it was another victory, as she did not wake until i went to bed around something like 1am.

the last time i saw dr kennedy, she said it's funny how some mothers interpret sleeping through the night, meaning i'm a fool for not taking a harder approach to my infant's satisfactory sleeping habits. and it was for comments like that that my children are now patients of dr linderman.

this morning, the scale told me i had lost 10 pounds overnight. so i shifted it a little, as it can be a persnickety thing, and it knocked off two more pounds. i shifted it again and a rock slid out from under it and the scale lined back up with reality.

violet has decided to enjoy newman's own organic spaghetti sauce. she looks like the joker when she eats it. or, like she's bleeding from the mouth.

chickpea cutlets for dinner tonight with a dousing of last night's gravy. everyone line up.
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IT IS SNOWING. [20 Mar 2010|04:29pm]
a very tiny tiny bit.

evening snow and just because.
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