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snow day! [11 Feb 2010|07:38am]
four inches expected throughout the day! i don't think i've seen this much snow here in at least three years.

and believe it or not, even though we're in texas, school is still on! i am not allowing brian to drive 35 miles in this, though. no single motherhood for me.

look at this crappy webcam photo:

what is it about the falling snow here that makes it invisible to cameras?

i went into oliver's room to wake him up. i pulled up the blinds by his window and, after poking him with a stick for 60 seconds, he looked out and sat in amazement with me. he really likes the way it covers the trees and mommy and daddy's cars. i'm sure i'll really like the way it's covering mommy's car in about 45 minutes, when i'm out there trying to push it off. it's two inches thick. and oliver's coat is at school... oops.
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snow day some more. [11 Feb 2010|03:17pm]
i swear every time i look out the window, the snowflakes have gotten even bigger and fluffier. they're like little pillows falling from the sky.

uh oh. did the electricity just flicker?

anyway. it's been snowing steadily out there for something like 12 hours. highly unusual for a place like this. our balcony looks like someone put down a nice, lumpy, white comforter and i want to go roll on it.

i picked oliver up from school at noon, as requested. they chickened out after having us take them in this morning. i tried to get him to sign his valentine cards out in the hallway, but i think he was feeling too shy. so i stuffed them in their envelopes in the car and affixed the newly purchased stamps and sealed them with newly fallen snow and dropped them in the mailbox. i was prepared for oliver to go wall-eyed the second i dropped them in with want to do it himself, but he seemed none the wiser about what was going on.

we returned to our home, blanketed with a blanket of snow. joanne came running out to her porch immediately. she had been outside directing robert, in his coat and ear flap hat, to place an errant newspaper on a neighbor's doorstep. i reckon she was keeping an eye out to make sure we returned from the dangerous roads. she called to oliver and waved the xmas card we had made for them. it has a snowman on it and she said, "look oliver! it's a snowman!" because now he could make a real snowman. she asked him what he thought of all this business and he stood there silent. so she told him to go in and stay warm.

he unpacked his lunch on the coffee table and pulled over his little blue chair so he could sit facing the window, nibbling half a bean burrito while watching the snow fall. he took his apple slice and peanut butter sandwiches apart and bemoaned the fact that only one slice retained the peanut butter. i took the three unpeanutbuttered slices to correct their issue and he reminded me to not sandwich them back together.

i ushered him to his room after he finished eating in an attempt to get him to take a nap. that was two hours ago. i still hear him banging around in there. promises to go play in the snow after he sleeps are wasted on him. he has no concept, and i suspect there might even be a hint of disdain for being out in the snow. if we do go out there, i'm not entirely sure what i'm supposed to do with violet. i guess i could take an umbrella and just stand there while i tell oliver to do snow type things.

brian refuses to come home early. refuses.

the valentine's day party might be called off along with the half day of school tomorrow. that would suck. we spent an obscene amount of time making 40 valentine cards for classmates, friends, and family. and i'm still not quite done. thank god i don't have two children in montessori school.
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