March 20th, 2009


the crappy spring break of oliver r-e.

oliver still looks like he's been on a 10 day bender and then punched in the eyeballs. i hope that walk in the stroller yesterday evening didn't exacerbate it. he's got an appointment with the ped at 2:15.

this morning, he got his shoes and socks on (no pants, until i mentioned how unconcerned he always seems to be about pants) and kept asking "go to school". after brian was gone and we'd emptied out the dishwasher, he started saying "wanna go play," which breaks my heart. if we were in a house, i could open the back door and tell him to have at it.

i've decided to put off my alternate lunch plans and i'm trying to find a time to take him to the park that doesn't interfere with my noon conference call, his lunch, or his trip to the ped. he was supposed to go to the arboretum with brian, or something with less pollen. i'm not sure if that's going to happen. and brian woke up this morning saying his back hurts from carrying oliver yesterday, so he might not be taking him to swim tonight. all of oliver's plans have gone straight in the shitter.

at least he had fun at the zoo yesterday. he came home with a plastic gorilla, which he slept with last night.

he just gave up trying to put one of his socks on my foot. i suppose that was his effort to get me out the door. now he's just wearing them on his hands.

ps: happy spring. the very hungry caterpillar is being used to celebrate on google.


the new disease of the season is... adenovirus.

oliver has been diagnosed with adenovirus with a possible secondary bacterial infection causing that weird bump on his eyeball. the child looks like tomato juice eyes.

his glands are swollen and his ear canals are red. but, you'd never know he's sick from the way he's acting.

i called the OB's nurse to see if this was going to mutate my unborn child, considering the virus is highly contagious and i catch everything oliver brings me and my throat has been sore all day with lightly itchy eyes, and they told me no sweat. even though i found something on the internet that was in medical jargon, but didn't sound promising.

lordy. and i had him at the little gym yesterday. oops. he obviously won't be going tomorrow. and swimming is off... transmits through water, for cryin' out loud.

i wonder if i'll look like the beast when i go to the lutheran school on monday to drop off our form and deposit.