January 5th, 2009


first day, again.

oliver just left for his first day of post-xmas break school. i realized last night that i'm going to miss him. it was a little rough the days i had to work over the break, but it was nice having him around more.

i think he'll be excited to see all his friends again. he can stop calling random kids at the park 'azmer' and 'allie' now.

and maybe i can pick up around here without two more messes being made behind my back.

we are also planning our second attempt to return to the gym tonight. cross your fingers. because xmas was NOT my body's friend.


it's been barely below freezing here today and raining non-stop. i've been looking at these droplets on the trees and thinking how they look like ice.

the school just emailed to say they have icicles there.

i suppose those drops are ice.

i'm thinking the gym might have to weight another night.