changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

the joys of family-style condo living #23: the children of others.

i've just returned from one of my near-daily trips to drop off belongings at the new place. i had occasion to issue forth much ruckus from my auto's horn as an over-priced black sports car decided it was too much effort to drop behind me and, instead, zipped ahead and made a right turn directly in front of me.

as i was about to exit after my allotted tasks, i noticed three young boys walking through the courtyard in their navy shorts with white shirts akimbo as they returned home from school. i watched more closely as i noticed the larger of them hassle one of the smaller of them. i observed a moment longer concerned that i may have to deal with a bully harassing my own son (never you mind that he is nine years older).

i was curious if the boys actually all lived in the small complex. perhaps they after-school with a grandparent. this seems the more likely choice.

i silently tsk'd as i watched The Bully jump over the hedge and shimmy a foot or two up a straining ornamental tree.

then i watched some more and parted the sheer curtains as one of the remaining two stood in the court yard and peed on one of the majestic, ancient oaks. "you know i can see you, right?" i asked him as he continued peeing in full view.

by the time i made it down the stairs, hoping to embarrass he of the boyish member, they were all on the far side of the courtyard and halfway up the stairs. they were watching. and i'm certain they know from my walk that i was on to them...

on the plus side, there is a blossoming tulip tree just down from our unit. i believe it might be contained within the patio fence of a tenant, preventing it from becoming stained with urine.
Tags: university condo
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