December 30th, 2008


xmas break continues: the story about the parking spaces.

it's mildly warm and mildly cool outside and sunny and all that good stuff, so i decided i was going to put oliver in the stroller and walk to central market. especially since i backed out of our grand return to the gym last night because oliver had worn me down. we got down to my car and i removed the stroller from the trunk and placed it on the ground alongside the trunk on the driver's side because a truck many spaces down was starting to back out and a car was about to come in the far gate.

as i was getting oliver in the stroller and all situated, i realized the car was just sitting there perpendicular to my car. sitting. the corner of my eye was pretty sure it was ann and my brain knew this meant that even though there were two more spaces past the space i was in and even though there were five more empty spaces on the other side of my car, she wanted the one space i was using. that one space. not a one of the other seven would do. that one.

for jesus christ's sake. please. and then, after i walked straight in front of her car without looking at her, she parked ridiculously close to my car. i'm surprised brian has never left her an ugly note that she needs to park out on the street if she can't stop ruining the parking lot by parking over the beautifully painted yellow line.

i nearly died one block into walking. i'm still dying a little. it didn't help that i was carrying two bags of groceries and dragging a toddler by the arm up the steps upon our return. that child wants me dead. he has been working overtime during his xmas break to give me a heart attack.