December 4th, 2008



i just sent in a payment that should make me have a credit card debt of $0. i am officially in the black. for however long it lasts.

i was delayed a little by the little gym semester payment. good god. that place is expensive.

we have no hospital bill and no cord blood collection fees to pay off.

i'm so pleased to have a decent job, i don't even mind promises of no raise this year. since when do i get raises anyway? just lay off notices.

too bad i'm losing money hand over fist from my IRA, which was not all that buxom to begin with. in the meantime, my savings account is about to start getting fatter.

i'm going to be a poor old person.

which reminds me, while i was sick on top of sick, i trained oliver to say "poooor mommy." it was a nice touch.