December 1st, 2008


an itemized list of success.

-i'm completely afraid of jinxing it, but i seem to be feeling much better. i'm very excited about this. i still have to work to not fall asleep in my bowl halfway through dinner, but it's better than how i have been doing. and we'll not think about the sore throat i keep getting.

-i went to central market yesterday and didn't worry once that i might vomit.

-i made spaghetti last night and was able to stomach dealing with seitan again.

-i haven't felt sick yet today in spite of eating some really awful, past their prime margarita sours.

-i'm only sitting on the couch because i was cold and wanted blankets and not because i felt like i might fall over.

-i finished an entire large, glass bottle of perrier lime. which is really fantastic, especially if you leave it in the freezer long enough to make an iceberg in the middle. maybe i'll begin peeing on a regular basis soon.

-oliver really digs the ending of pajama party, a beach blanket movie without the beach blankets. i'm not sure if it was because of the ladies in skimpy 60s pajamas or because of the swimming pool or the dancing or the guitars.

-there will be mini pizzas for dinner.

-there are plans for pasta in garlic "butter" sauce with fancy bits like asparagus and red bell peppers and zucchini.

-i've been training myself to not pass out by 8:30pm by meticulously skinning and eating grapefruits piece by piece.

-it's gorgeous here today. 50s, windy, sunny. the trees outside are a mix of green and a golden red.

-i started listening to vince guaraldi this morning. oliver will begin listening to him tonight.

-we watched a boy named charlie brown this weekend and realized just how violent the peanuts could be. and how cruel. i think this means brian would veto the "charlie brown for president" toddler tshirt i saw online this morning. it was overpriced anyway, not to mention a fake layered shirt. and, it wasn't "snoopy for president".

-there are three avocados, two tomatoes, and a new loaf of whole wheat bread waiting to become sandwiches.

-i am very excited that my parents and sister have agreed to not exchange gifts with brian and me. and brian's mother is pretending like she won't, but i didn't get a hard answer from her. the only people i have to worry about are my niece, nephew, and son. we pretty much got everything for oliver a couple of weeks ago during a stop at froggie's. oh, and darren. who refuses to give up gift-giving. i have some tricks up my sleeve already lined up for him. if brian and i exchange gifts, it will only be family gifts, like passes to the arboretum.

-i am looking forward to a far less stressful xmas, which i might actually get to enjoy.

-i would like to remind myself to make some pumpkin bread.

-this list includes a lot of food.