November 5th, 2008

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that was the best $80 i ever spent.

brian tugged on my feet to show me the election was being called in obama's favor. i had tried to stay awake; but, considering i had woken up at 4:45am yesterday morning, i settled on cat naps and having brian wake me every 30 minutes for updates.

i admit i was nervous. the last two elections had shaken my confidence. to see such a certain victory was incredibly refreshing, especially considering it was for an african american. but, for me, this wasn't about a black man winning the white house. it was about seeing a candidate for the first time in my voting history that i feel i can really get behind. someone who has, so far, proven to be honest, assured, organized, calm, and capable of running a respectable campaign. someone who has lofty goals. someone who might actually be able to achieve some of those goals. someone who makes me want to order an extra presidential action figure so i'll have one to keep and one to play with.

i was a wreck watching obama walk out on to that stage to make his acceptance speech. i was terrified of one or more lunatics in that crowd of 70,000 at grant park. i was glad to see his family leave the stage. i certainly didn't want to see history made twice in the same moment.

it was sweet he followed through on a promise of puppies.

oliver woke a couple of times last night crying. one of the times, he said "obama obama". i had terrible dreams of feral animals and ghosts and possession. one of oliver's cries woke me and i wondered if he had been dreaming the same thing.

after voting yesterday, i noticed the leaves had started changing.